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Chile presents the results of the sixth round of the EPS

The Minister of Labor and Social Welfare of Chile, Alejandra Krauss, together with the Deputy Secretary of Social Welfare, Jeannette Jara, released the main data of the VI Round of the Social Protection Survey (EPS in Spanish) at an event where twenty experts and a large number of journalists were gathered. The EPS, which began to be developed in Chile in 2002, shows its consolidation as a very relevant instrument in the generation and evaluation of the country’s public policies.

According to the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare, the results of the survey allow analyzing the impact of a possible increase in the retirement age: ‘According to the survey, 38.9% of the men declared themselves pensioners and 21% of the women have continued to work after retirement. In addition, 66.5 percent of the people who after retirement did not continue to work stated that they have not done so because of their health. Only 18.1% have not continued to work for other things.’

This survey, whose sixth round was conducted between March and June of 2016 to about 18,000 people, covers –in the same questionnaire– the labor and social history of respondents with detailed information in areas such as education, health, social security, labor training, heritage and assets, family history and household information. “This survey has become the fundamental column of the information system on social protection and its results have helped define public policies that favor thousands of Chileans and Chileans,’ said the Secretary of State.