About us

The Social Security Observatory of Latin America and the Caribbean (OSS) is a platform created to support research and policymaking. It is a platform created to support research and policymaking in the field of social security in Latin America and the Caribbean. The OSS contains data from the Longitudinal Social Protection Survey (LSPS), a project that is being developed in different phases by six countries.

This project is supported by the Regional Public Goods Initiative of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). This Observatory consists of the following key elements:

Data: Contains member countries’ databases, questionnaires and other supporting documents.

Publications: Contains documents based on LSPS data and other general content..

User Network:  The space where experts, policymakers, researchers and other users interested in social security issues interact in order to improve collaboration between countries.

How can I use the OSS?

Know people’s conditions in the labor market and social security.

Assess the outcome of policy reforms.

Support the policy decisions and the design of reforms with valuable information on labor dynamics and social security.

Promote research with longitudinal data that is comparable across countries in the region.